Young woman lying buried her face in sofa feels tired

With the stay at home mandate from the government many of you have found yourself bored. You wake up, eat, watch TV, scroll social media, then go to bed. Boredom has set in for many people across the globe. Your daily routine is different, but overall each day is just flat out boring.

You are drifting through each day, almost like a sleepwalker.

You may sleep throughout the day or spend a lot of time binging on CNN hoping that life will return back to normalcy soon. This pandemic is highlighting the lives of many people, what do I mean? You’ve been so busy with life that you:

  • Live day to day with a boring relationship with God, without a sense of purpose. Believers are supposed to be radical
  • Don’t know what your purpose is
  • Ignore God’s purpose and call for your life.

Respond to boredom by drawing closer to God.

  • Devote yourself to prayer
  • For those of you who don’t live alone, conduct a Bible Study
  • When you do have to go out, share the gospel

After this pandemic is over ask God to help you maintain your spiritual life and prioritize Him as you go through the busyness of life.

What is one way in which you will respond to boredom this week?

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