Toppling Walls

Today’s Bible ReadingJoshua 6:1–27

Recommended ReadingRomans 8:3712:212 Corinthians 12:9–10

Ever faced an insurmountable wall that needed toppling? Henry Blackaby did.

When the World’s Fair came to Canada in 1986, Blackaby saw an opportunity to reach more than 22 million people with the message of the gospel. One problem: The association of churches Blackaby served in Vancouver had just 2,000 members and a budget of less than $9,000 a year. Still, convinced of God’s leading, Blackaby set a budget of $202,000, prayed and trusted God to do the rest. God didn’t disappoint. By the end of the year more than $264,000 had come in from all over the world, and some 20,000 people began personal relationships with Christ through the efforts of a small but faithful band of believers.

The Israelites had their own wall to topple before they could enter the promised land. The wall they faced surrounded Jericho, a fortified city with “walls up to the sky” (Deuteronomy 9:1). When the Israelites arrived, Jericho’s residents had just completed the spring harvest, and the city’s wells were brimming with spring rain. Archaeological experts estimate that the inhabitants probably could have held out for several years. Defeating the city was one of history’s most unlikely—and humanly impossible—victories. Yet the people of God accomplished it—not with trumpets and shouting, but with obedience to God’s directives.

Perhaps you find yourself staring up at an insurmountable wall that God is calling you to conquer—a wall that seems as frightening as it is large. Maybe your wall is a task that seems impossible, a goal too incredible to imagine or a repeating pattern of sin you haven’t been able to overcome on your own.

Many things in life look like Jericho’s walls—obstacles that stand in the way of what God wants us to accomplish for him. But when we claim God’s promises and move forward with faith, we topple our walls and walk victoriously over the rubble.

To Take Away

  • Why does God sometimes set tasks before us that seem too big for us to overcome?
  • What “humanly impossible” goals have you seen God accomplish?
  • What walls are you facing right now that God wants you to topple with his help?

In Other Words

“The future belongs to those who set their sights on what is humanly unattainable.” —Wilbur Howard

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