God‘s Better Way

Micah 4:1–13

Things weren’t going Luci’s way at work. She worked longer and harder than ever without recognition and with no promotion in sight.

Even though she didn’t like change, she started looking for another job. The one most intriguing to her seemed like a long shot—way out of her league. However, just as she was getting ready to accept another offer, the long shot came in. She was the company’s top pick.

It was a perfect match. Luci couldn’t have dreamed of a better job. Looking back, she realized she would never have sought the job if things at her old company hadn’t become difficult. She wouldn’t have chosen to have things turn sour so she would want to leave. At the time, the thought of moving to a new job seemed impossible. And scary.

But God wanted her to experience more. He wanted the best for her. And she would never have found his best if she hadn’t experienced trouble at work. God allowed the problems and ultimately used them for her good, even though at the time it had been a mystery to her. She did not “know the thoughts of the LORD” (Micah 4:12). Many times, neither do we.

Micah spoke of a future time when Jerusalem would experience peace . . . a time when war would end. At the time, it seemed like a crazy message. Things were more than uncomfortable; they were downright horrible. The armies of Babylon had destroyed the temple, killed people and tortured many more. Yet Micah said peace was coming. It didn’t seem possible.

Sometimes, the things God promises for our future don’t seem at all likely in light of what we’re experiencing today. From our limited perspective, we don’t see the big picture, only a tiny thumbnail print. Like Luci, we may be experiencing something difficult or uncomfortable that will result in something better. It’s important to remember that sometimes our troubles are only a momentary detour leading us to God’s best for us.


  1. How has God used a difficult situation in your past for your good?
  2. Is there a situation in your life right now that you can look at from a fresh perspective?
  3. How can you share your experiences with someone else who needs encouragement today?

Micah 4:12
But they do not know the thoughts of the LORD; they do not understand his plan, that he has gathered them like sheaves to the threshing floor.

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