YouVersion Devotional

When men depart from the Bible, God is simply the name given to the general tendencies which further men’s interests—that God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are simply meant to bless us, to further our interests. When we come to the New Testament we find exactly the opposite idea, that by regeneration we are brought into such harmony and union with God that we realize with great joy that we are meant to serve His interests. If we keep in the light with God, our life is that of a child, simple and joyful all through. It is sufficient for a child to know that his father wishes him to do certain things and he learns to draw on a strength greater than his own. Reflection Questions: Do I use God to further my own interests or do I serve God to further His? Do I use the Bible to prove that I am right or to find out where I am wrong? Am I joyful to find out where I am wrong so I can be made right? Quotations taken from The Philosophy of Sin, © Discovery House Publishers

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