6D33945E-35B3-415E-8AA9-42875E0ECFD1Hello friends, my name is Crissy

I live in Australia.

I would like to thank all you who are  actively visiting Pat’s blog during her absence.

I don’t know Pat personally.  We met through my blog.

Pat was concerned about her blog so when she asked me to help her while she is away I happily accepted. 

We pray for our dear  friend Pat and ask God that her treatment will be a success.

I am encouraged by the kindness of those of  you who have taken the time to read and like my posts keeping , “ From The Darkness Into The Light” Blog active!!
Pat will be happy to know that her precious followers have not left her.

I would like to bless all of you today, I have chosen a blessing from the Book of Numbers:

The LORD bless you, and keep you; The LORD make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace.’”

‭‭Numbers‬ ‭6:24-26‬ ‭

30 thoughts on “A NOTE TO SAY THANK YOU 🙏

          1. I live by Faith as well and God’s makes sure to remind me every beginning of the month when i make my house payment just in time. no matter how much money we have, we make it up to the dollar by God’s Grace, I love Him so much!

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