Please read and be patient again.

Im up is 3:46 am and I can’t even begin to post. I crashed after a very painful 💔 episode. As so e of you know. I have 3 .entail illness plus ptsd. Trauma. After coming home from getting better hating purged myself from opioid, my back is in pain 😢 and I become ill after the same day taking 😪 care to my 76 years old Tennant that has vividly. We called an ambulance and i had to hold him up and sit him on the couch. He was breathing very badly and I felt his breath in my face. I hsve been praying for him. He is a masn with a bad temper and this terrible virus made him virse o e day and a screaming g ev man 2 hours later. I just came back home from detoxing from opioid. That happen the same night. I think i said that. Sorry 😞. I am burned out after sleeping the average of 3 hours a night. Las66t night i slepped better ut i recognized sign if .yind crashing. I did nit think a b out the zlord that forgave ne and I had a big fight with Toby my husband i took 4 xanax and 2 prescription strong sleeping g pills and after chrashin i to a big low i find myself depressed but cannot sleep. I eill do e hat in can tomorrow. Pray for me as eell.plesde and John in the hospita 2 weeks on tuesday

Mental illness. I have several make it hard to do what I heed to do I will visit you all. Al.idt but as far a posting how don’t kmoow how I will feel. I o rated and wanted to let you know that if I write luttke I. Stoll ill. Thank you I’ve you all.



Child of God

Ps forgivr my mistakes in writing. I tiik2 more xanax and I hope I will be mentally capable to go Io slrep much but with God all things a re possible. Sorry I’m as I m.

God made me this way. Thank you for all who actually read it


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