The room is empty

Today Toby and a friend Curtis cleaned John room

I kind of miss him in a nostalgic kind of way. He had his good 👍 moments but was a hard person to live with. Im not destroying his memory as I said he had his good days. We kept him as our tenant because he was 73 when he came to us with his friend a lawer. Little we knew… I never had the heart ❤ to tell him to leave but, Honestly we fought a lot and I became ill with my Bipolar disorder quite a few times but God had me keep him with us because he had no money but his pension and my heart hurt for him and his life. He payed his rent on time but had not extra to pay for a deposite in another home

Well he became sick and I cried when he died 5 days ago.

Covid19 killed him and he suffered tremendously.

I regret that the last time we spoke he was mean and I was not kind to him but became angry. The day before he sounded like an Angel thanking me about how much he appreciated ❤ me.

Unfortunately he had a calendar 📅 with on top of it these words, so you get an hint.”they hate me and I hate them as well” we never hated him but got angry at times when he acted out in a mean way. Poor John a lonely old man 3 years with us. I learned by God’s Grace. To love him as he was.I pray he was

saved during those long 13 days in the hospital.He was 76 years old with a bad ❤ already with a pace maker, could not win the fight

May he rest in peace. I pray 🙏Amen. 🙏



Child of God

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