All the Men of the Bible

Duration: 365 days

Jozabad, Josabad [Jŏz’abăd, Jŏs’a băd]—jehovah hath bestowed or endowed.

  1. A Gederathite of Judah who joined David at Ziklag (1 Chron. 12:4). Also called Josabad.
  2. A man of Manasseh who did the same (1 Chron. 12:20).
  3. Another Manassite who did the same (1 Chron. 12:20).
  4. A Levite, and one of the overseers of tithes in Hezekiah’s reign (2 Chron. 31:13).
  5. A Levite chief in Josiah’s reign (2 Chron. 35:9).
  6. A son of Jeshua, employed in weighing the sanctuary vessels brought from Babylon (Ezra 8:33).
  7. A priest who had married a foreign wife (Ezra 10:22).
  8. A Levite who had also married a foreign wife (Ezra 10:23).
  9. A Levite interpreter of the Law read by Ezra (Neh. 8:7).
  10. A chief Levite in Jerusalem after the exile (Neh. 11:16).

Devotional content drawn from All the Men of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer. Used with permission.

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