The NIV 365 Day Devotional



Discipline is a topic we need to hear more about. It’s almost a lost word in our society because people have become afraid to discipline for fear of violating someone’s rights. When worrying about protecting those rights becomes more important than protecting our children’s future, that’s a concern.

The Lord disciplines those he loves and therefore we must also discipline the ones we love. In doing so we show our children we care, even though they may not see it that way. As a parent, you must embrace and accept this responsibility. It is yours. Don’t put it off on the teachers, the neighbors or your parents. They are certainly part of the support team that surrounds your children, but discipline should always start in the home.

Enforce it by establishing structure in your home and setting boundaries for your children. When those boundaries are crossed, have a specific plan of action that includes disciplining your children and requiring them to suffer consequences. Help them understand that those consequences are a direct result of their behavior and not your behavior. This teaches them to develop a sense of responsibility that will yield the results you desire as a parent.


Discipline won’t happen unless you are disciplined.


  • How does the Lord discipline you?
  • How does discipline benefit people?
  • What is your disciplinary style?

Taken from Once a Day Nurturing Great Kids

©2017 HarperCollins Christian Publishing

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