Death is not OK!

But God has a miraculous way of taking the worst that happens—even your loved one’s death—and bringing something of meaning and value from it.

It can be a little dangerous to say that; it can sound like saying God wanted your loved one to die, which is not true. God is against death—both physical and spiritual death.

But God will do something meaningful with even this horrible experience if you give Him the chance.

Paul preferred to go home and be “with the Lord.” But as long as God needed him for a purpose on earth, he was content to stay.

In your pain you too may feel you would rather go home to be “with the Lord.” But if you’re still breathing, God has something here for you to do.

You may not be able right now to see what that may be, but you can be certain He still has a purpose for you.

Make the decision that you’ll stick around as long as God has something for you to do, and trust that He’ll make that clear to you.

God does not enjoy your pain! But if you let Him, He will both heal you and make something of value and purpose even out of your grief.

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