Daily in Your Presence – Sept. 4

Day 248


“My Father is always at his work to this very day,

and I, too, am working.”

John 5:17

My child, I know you grow weary of the ordinary. Day after day the tyranny of urgency calls you to complete your given tasks. But faithfulness brings its own reward. My Father, always industrious, never ceases to work in the hearts of His children. I, too, am industrious, as I work through all My children. Take heart, My child. Your work matters. Let Me restore the joy of your kingdom work. Let Me be your power source of industry.

Lord, You never cease from Your labor of love. You have al-ways been at work in my life and in the world, long before I even knew You. How grateful I am that You value me enough to complete Your work in my life. Thank You, Lord, for Your industriousness.


God gives us all the time we need to do all the things we need to do. 

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