Don’t Be Afraid – Revelation 1:10-20

If you as a believer are not thinking, “I’m a light in the darkness, in the unbelieving world,” then you’re Christianity is going to be dull and flat. It will never work and it’s not a faith your children will carry into the next generation. I often hear parents say, “ I’m just scared to death for my kids. I’m giving them all the right training and all the right information, but I see so many kids raised in homes that did this and the kids trashed it all.”

Ultimately, every adult has to decide what they will believe about Jesus for themselves and they are responsible. In fact, God’s children in the Old Testament were raised by a perfect parent and look at how they wandered. But there is something that Mary and I ask ourselves a lot, ” Are our kids seeing the power of Jesus change a life?” It’s not information in their heads, but real life where they actually witness Jesus’ love and power changing lives, including the lives of their parents, that is the most influential thing we can do before our kids leave home.

When we lose contact with those who desperately need Jesus, then our Christianity becomes insipid. Our Christianity becomes just culture and not life giving reality. It becomes dull and the hypocrisy of just acting out a moral culture that in the end doesn’t need grace and will cause our kids to rebel and turn away. Can your kids tell stories where they saw the miracle of grace change lives? If so, they might have a lot of questions, but they will know the person with the answers.

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