Your Journey Through Grief

DAY ELEVEN: Looking to Eternity

Life is hard. Often, especially during grief, it feels as though our troubles are anything but “light” or “momentary.” 

If this life were as good as it gets, we would be right to give up. But this is not the end. There is something beyond what we can see and experience right now. 

And for those of us who are walking with Jesus, what is to come will be glorious—so glorious that we will consider our present pain to be so small in comparison that it won’t be worth mentioning. 

For that to be so, that glory will have to be pretty awesome! 

If Jesus had to keep His eyes on eternity to make it through, you and I will have to also. Only by looking to eternity does this life become worth it. 

God understands you can’t see much of anything beyond your pain today. But as you continue walking this journey of grief, your sight will improve, and you will be able to see something beyond right now. 

That future perspective includes a purpose for the remainder of your life here on earth, and even more the life He has for you in eternity. Don’t give up your opportunity to experience the glory that is to come.

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