Your Journey Through Grief

DAY THIRTEEN: Paying It Forward 

You may sometimes hurt so badly that your only thought is, “Just take the pain away!” 

That desire is normal. Some grieving people sabotage their journey by medicating in unhealthy ways—overworking, sleeping excessively, vegging out in front of the TV, or misusing substances such as alcohol or drugs. Those attempts will eventually backfire. 

Comfort is not the same as removing pain. Comfort means you acknowledge and even embrace the pain and choose to take into your soul the comfort that is available. 

Such comfort comes from many places: God’s presence, caring people, even remembering the best parts of your relationship with your loved one. 

Mourning is valuable and can lead to comfort. Allow yourself to mourn—and to experience comfort. 

Comfort is also meant to be paid forward. 

Intentionally connect with the people and experiences that bring healing to your heart. Keep coming back into God’s presence for the comfort only He can bring. 

And at some point it will be time to pass it on. 

Lift your eyes from your own pain and look for someone else who is struggling. Whether or not they are grieving, there will be someone who needs something you have. Give of yourself. Pay it forward. Your own heart will find even more healing as a result. 

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