Church with Truth But No Romance, Part 1 – Revelation 2:1-7

No one wants a marriage where the food is great, the decor is stylish, and a check list of chores is always fulfilled, but there is no passionate love. The same is true when it comes to church. When the glorified, King-Priest Jesus walked through the Ephesian group of believers near the end of the first century their doctrine was pure, their church programs were running smoothly, and when it came to good works, they got an A. But Jesus said he had this against them, “They had left their first love.” Jesus told us that the way we renew our intimacy with Him is the same way we rekindle the passion in our marriages. So, I need to take the time in my marriage to remember how Mary and I fell in love, the experiences of our early years at Houghton College, then Dallas Seminary, and then, all the experiences of the births and raising of our kids. We need to do the same thing in our relationship with Jesus. We need to take the time to remember how we met Him, how we trusted Him, and all the moments of grace we have had with Him. We need to allow His Spirit to pour new passion into our closeness to Him. Take the time to read the letter to the church of Ephesus and let the Lord rekindle your first love.

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