Leaves of Life – September 6


  • Moses Mendelssohn born 1729.
  • Marquis de Lafayette born 1757.
  • Jane Addams born 1860.

God will not seek thy race,
Nor will he ask thy birth;
Alone he will demand of thee,
What hast thou done on earth?


One dreams of the time when the interest and capacity of each person shall be studied with reference to the industry about to be undertaken.

—Jane Addams.

Honor is purchased by deeds we do, honor is not won, until some honorable deed is done.

—Sir Christopher Marlowe.

In diligence not slothful; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.

—Romans 12. 11.

Gracious Father, wilt thou bring to my mind and heart the important things which are needed in preparing life. Help me to use the strength that is given to me for to-day, that I may not have to give to-morrow to learning what I should have known. Amen.

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