By the Mighty Mumford

Searching the world for truth.

Hard when in one’s youth…

Easily swayed

And played,

By someone else claiming truth!

A world without absolutes

Waffles in moral pursuits…

Feelings take o’er

Just make the score,

Never mind who’s in cahoots!

Human life becomes cheap,

As the human cesspool goes deep…..

In the far East

And West, the beast

Of human slavery people keep!

Boys and girls turning a trick,

Debauchery makes me sick….

No thought of rights

But customers’ days and nights,

Their victims are up “the crick”*

Hypocrites are many,

Claiming righteousness without any…..

Doing in the dark

Things they think a lark,

In daylight claiming plenty!

Absolutes come from God,

Untwisted into a man’s pitard….

None can climb

‘To God’s eternal time,

We all fall short there toward!

Works can’t bring one to God—

Most of the world thinks this odd—

Christians too

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