Religious Leaders Who Make God Angry – Dave’s Daily Devo – September 7


Religious Leaders Who Make God Angry

Zephaniah 3:4

The teenage girl had been flat on her back because of a serious illness. Having missed an entire year of school, she was depressed, but worse, the darkness of guilt was devouring her heart. She asked for her minister to come and see her. After the usual bedside pleasantries he asked, “Margie, what’s the matter.” “I’m scared. How can I be sure I’ll go to heaven if I die?”

A year in bed gives you a lot of time to think, and this young woman asked one of the most important questions any of us can ever ask. Her minister had known her since she was seven or eight, “Margie, you’re such a good girl. You don’t have anything to worry about. God will welcome you into his arms like he does all good folks.” Her face fell, and she was angry. She was far enough along in her teen years to know that she was hardly a good little girl, and her guilt wasn’t all false guilt.

One of the most sacred responsibilities a pastor has, now that God’s Son has come to die and rise again, is to be able to clearly present the Gospel. This minister failed miserably at the task. When prophets in the Old Testament and priests failed to deliver on what God was actually saying about sin, about salvation, about guilt and forgiveness, Zephaniah call them wanton and treacherous, violating the sacredness of God’s inspired Word.

“Her prophets are wanton, men of treachery. Her priests defile what is holy. They violate God’s instructions.” Zephaniah 3:4

Margie was nineteen when her mother took her to Pinebrook Bible Conference. By this time she was well on her way to becoming a debutante, and she thought her mom was taking her to a five-star vacation resort. She was angry. “Please, Margie. It’s late. We’ll just stay this one night and then I’ll take you to a nice place tomorrow.” That night the evangelist, Percy Crawford, made the Gospel crystal clear, and Margie heard for the first time how she could be free from guilt by simply receiving Jesus’ offer of forgiveness because he died in her place. The Spirit of Jesus took up residence in her heart that night and I’m so glad. Margie was my mom.

LORD, expose the treachery of those ministers who say sweet words and make folks feel happy and good without confronting their sin and presenting how their sin can be justly forgiven by your Son. Use my teaching at Southern Bible and at Dallas Seminary to raise up students who will track accurately what you are saying in your Word, obey what they hear, and then invite others to join them in this new life.

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