Renewing Your Fellowship with God [Part 4] – Abiding Above – September 7

Renewing Your Fellowship With God [Part 4] 

September 7

At the beginning, when God created Adam and Eve, everything was wonderful until Satan came down and deceived Eve, and then Adam willfully disobeyed God and the Spirit of God went out of them. Everything was good at the beginning and then they sinned and the next thing you know is they hid themselves from the very presence of God.

Do you realize that when you sin, you too try to hide from the presence of God?  But my friend, we cannot hide from God. In our emotions we begin to try and hide from God. How do we hide from God? We don’t get up in the mornings anymore and read His Word, we don’t spend time in prayer, and we avoid going to church. My friend, this is how we hide from God. I want to remind you that even when Adam and Eve were in their sinful state the Bible says that God moved toward them. Adam and Eve were hiding from God. God was not hiding from them, and my friend, God will never turn His back on us when we sin. When we feel guilty, we turn our backs on God. My friend, if you feel guilty, if you feel that there is something between you and God you can know that God is not angry with you, He is not like your earthly father, He’s better than that because He is God. We must simply turn back to God in confession and repentance, and when we do our joy and fellowship will once again be restored and we can enjoy walking and talking with Him again.

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