Daily in Your Presence – Sept. 8

Day 252


Again the high priest asked him,

“Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One?”

Mark 14:61

My child, I am the Blessed One, and I long to share My blessings with you. Come to Me daily and ask for My hand to empower and fill you until you are like a well of spring water that overflows and splashes on others. Don’t be afraid of My blessing. Whatever extraordinary things I ask you to do, I will always give you the strength and resources to do them. Just ask.

Lord, Your precious promises appear like desert oases of blessing. You are the Blessed One, the One who deserves our praise. You have drenched me with showers of blessing. Now, I bless You. For the beauty of the earth, for Your magnificent creation, my heart gives You praise, Lord, and a standing ovation.


The one who multiplies what God has given always gains more.

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