Mountaintop Miracles [Part 2] – Daily Good News with Alan Wright – September 8

Mountaintop Miracles [Part 2]

Are you ready for some good news?

The only thing more surprising than how difficult life can get is how gloriously God can bring good out of it all.

Today’s Text: “And now do not be distressed or angry with yourselves because you sold me here, for God sent me before you to preserve life.” (Genesis 45:5, ESV)

Joseph was imprisoned. All seemed lost. His freedom was gone. His family was gone. It seemed that the dream was gone.

But, in a moment, it all made sense.

Be clear. God authored none of the evil. No, the cruelty of the brothers, the slavery, the lies of Potiphar’s wife, these were all born in hell. But God’s wisdom was greater.

Because the brothers hated Joseph, they sold him into slavery. Because he was enslaved, Joseph was transported to Egypt. Because his master’s wife falsely accused him, Joseph was wrongly imprisoned. Because he was unjustly imprisoned, Joseph met the Pharaoh’s former cupbearer. Because the cupbearer remembered that Joseph had prophetic abilities, Pharaoh invited Joseph to interpret a puzzling dream. Because Joseph interpreted the dream, he was appointed prime minister of Egypt. Because Joseph wisely administered the government, Egypt saved up grain during seven years of plenty. Because Egypt was the only kingdom with food during a long famine, Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt. Because they came, Joseph was reunited with his family and showed them unimaginable kindness.

Some years ago, our church was sued. It was a mindless, baseless suit rooted in fear of our church’s expansion and designed to shackle our congregation’s future. During a season in which we were building additional facilities, we doled out $600,000 in legal fees. The added financial burden kept us short staffed for a couple years and exhausted executive staff (whose jobs were already full).

I could find no good in it at all and, at times, it was hard to believe God was aware of our situation! We eventually settled the case (what a waste the whole mess was– we would have agreed to the terms of the settlement before the suit ever started).

But the congregation united with greater sincerity than ever before. I credit the unprecedented growth of our church in recent years to the unity and passion that grew out of those years of adversity.

And then the miracle happened.

Through a bizarre twist, we discovered that our title insurance company had utterly mistreated our church during the suit and, through a shocking legal settlement, the church was awarded $750,000 (check out the miracle story on today’s radio broadcast). God can take you from the pit to the pinnacle in a minute. But His grace has been there every minute all along. And that’s the Gospel!

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