Joy in the Lord

Thank God, the joy of the Lord is an actual experience now, and it goes beyond any conscious experience, because the joy of the Lord takes us into the consciousness of God, and the honor at stake in our body is the honor of God. Have we realized that the Son of God has been formed in us by His wonderful Redemption? This is the glory of the saint here and now—the glory of actual holiness manifested in actual life. God Almighty became the weakest thing in His own creation, a Baby. The mature saint is just like a little child, absolutely simple and joyful. Go on living the life that God would have you live and you will grow younger instead of older. There is a marvelous rejuvenescence when once you let God have His way. If you are feeling very old, then get born again and do more at it. Reflection Questions: Am I putting on habits that are keeping with Christ’s holiness? In what ways is God being formed in me? Am I willing to become weak to regain childlike joy? Quotations taken from The Psychology of Redemption, © Discovery House Publishers


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