The NIV 365 Day Devotional


What makes a cheerful heart? Ask a parent, and they will say what makes a cheerful heart is a home filled with laughter where the people are getting along and love each other. That’s a single sentence to read and write, but oh how challenging it is to live out.

First, a home filled with laughter. Someone has to keep a light-hearted spirit in the midst of various family styles. A tone must be established that keeps a home a fun place to be. People have to practice loving and be engaging to keep a family cheerful and fun. It takes effort. Second, a place where people get along. As personalities develop and differences arise, it will be more difficult to get along. Find the commonalities among the family members and spend time there. It will encourage people getting along and enjoying each other. Third, simply love each other. Love is patient and kind. Love does not keep a record of wrongs. Love is willing to see views other than its own.

These are the ingredients that will keep the home cheerful, and the verse says a cheerful heart is good medicine. In other words, we all get sick and need these remedies. Let’s practice them at home.


Kids like to take medication if it tastes sweet. Cheerfulness is that kind of good medicine.


  • Is your home full of cheer?
  • What could you do to improve the tone in your house?
  • Do your children respond favorably to laughter in the home? What can you do to generate more?

Taken from Once a Day Nurturing Great Kids©2017 HarperCollins Christian Publishing

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