YouVersion joy

All that lies dark and obscure just now is one day going to be as clear, as radiantly and joyously clear, as the bit we have seen. No wonder God counsels us to be patient. Little by little everything will be brought into the light until we understand as Jesus Christ understood. The whole of eternity will be taken up with understanding and knowing God, and, thank God, we may begin to know Him down here. The sanctified life means that we begin to understand God and to manifest the life of the Son of God in our mortal flesh.

Every bit of knowledge that we have of God fills us with ineffable joy. If we understand God on any one point we will know something of the joy that Jesus had. It is a wonderful possession, it is the very characteristic of Jesus.

Reflection Questions: Do I enjoy God’s slow-paced revelation or do I become impatient with His lack of urgency? If God is in no hurry, why am I? How can I enjoy knowledge if I don’t enjoy discovery?

Quotations taken from Our Brilliant Heritage, © Discovery House Publishers

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