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Who Is on Your Spiritual Advisory Board? God will often communicate His will and wisdom to you through other followers of Christ! I can’t even begin to count the times God has used another Christian to get a message through to my heart! I hear His whispers through my pastors, a podcast, my friends, my children, a blogger, or someone in my LifeGroup. I actually view a few of them as my Spiritual Advisory Board. These are: my spouse, a mentor, a prayer partner, a friend, and my parents. How about you? Do you seek out and listen openly to other believers you respect? Staying consistently connected with other Christians (especially those who are growing and grounded in God’s Word) is vital for your own personal faith journey. Listening to them is not enough, though. Do you often apply or put into practice the advice or wisdom you’ve heard? Wise up and remain involved in Christian community! Listen to your faith-family. We need them, and they need you. Today’s reading from Proverbs 18:2 tells us frankly it’s a mistake to be a “know-it-all.” Personally, I don’t want to play the fool. I need help. I need wisdom. I need to choose to remain humble and teachable so I can hear God’s direction, correction, and affection. I need my heart to remain humble and teachable—because God will often speak to us through His other children. Ask the Father: Who needs to be on my Spiritual Board of Advisors? Today’s worship song recommendation: “Set a Fire” by Will Reagan and United Pursuit

One thought on “You version

  1. I think there are a lot of times when someone told me something that was God inspired. He speaks through us and other ways to get his message across. There was one time I was wondering if I should pray in the morning. On my way to work that morning a car passed by with the license plate reading “Prayer.” I have a few times the message were just like that, as clear as day. Those moments are humbling.


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