Daily in Your Presence – Sept. 12

Day 256


You are resplendent with light,

more majestic than mountains rich with game.

Psalm 76:4

My child, have you looked at My world lately? I mean, really looked? My world reflects the beauty of heaven. My re-splendence—the light of My presence—is all around you. How can anyone say there is no God? I have written My signature wherever you see beauty. I’ve done this so that you—and everyone—will know who I am. I want you to reflect My beauty, too.

I can still remember the breathtaking view as I stood on top of one of Your highest mountain peaks, Lord. I could see radiant beauty in all directions. But You are far more beautiful. Brighter than the sun itself, Your resplendence is dazzling to my eyes. Jesus, how You shine!


When we are in touch with beauty, we are in touch with the Creator.

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