New Men’s Devotional Bible


Today’s Bible ReadingIsaiah 40:12–28

Recommended ReadingGenesis 1Psalm 139:11–16

Now, as we enter the postsecular age, perhaps we’ll be able to see that as wonderful as our scientific education has been, it’s time to drop its rigid … dogmatism and open our eyes again to see the parts of life that can’t be fully explained by cause-effect (though they certainly can partially be so explained). Then, the wonder will begin to return, as we recognize that purpose, design, meaning, and pattern have a place after all. This new vision is the finding of faith.

Obviously, as a boy, I had no language to articulate this kind of discomfort with the predominant worldview I was being educated in… But I do remember a kind of enlightening moment that came during my college years—almost silly in its simplicity, but perhaps you will be able to relate, because you’ve probably had similar experiences.

I remember doing homework at a picnic table when a tiny bug landed on my shirtsleeve. It walked this way, then that. It reached up its front legs and took hold of its left antenna, bent it down, and washed it in its mouthparts. Then it walked around a bit more, then repeated the washing procedure with the right antenna, and then flew away. An inconsequential event. But I remember thinking, “That tiny bug. Why did it decide to land here, walk there, and wash its antennae now, not later? It’s not enough to tell me about its evolutionary development or its biological drives for food, comfort, and reproduction. No, this little creature really is alive! It really makes choices! It’s not just a mathematical equation, a totally determined organism in an environment. It really is alive and lives with its own purposes!” And the train of thought continued: If alive and purposeful, then there is something in the universe called life and purpose, and if life and purpose, then there must be a source of life and purpose. Aquinas and Anselm (great theologians who posited powerful intellectual arguments for the existence of God) must make room for this newest proof—the Entomological Argument for the Existence of God—“If there are living, purposeful bugs, there must be a God.” The wonder returns!

—Brian McLaren

To Take Away

  • How have you personally come to know and experience that there is a God?
  • In what ways do you marvel at who God is and what He has created?
  • What steps can you take to increase your sense of awe for God?

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