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By the Mighty Mumford

(Inspired by a broadcast of Dr. David Jeremiah—TURNING POINT—today on C.B.N TV)

Tough-minded we must be,

Preparing for eternity……

Grow in grace

And knowledge apace,

In the character of Christ forcefully!

Prayer and assembling together,

Investing for GOD your shoe leather…..

Aim at heaven,

Avoid worldly leaven

As soldiers, hardships weather!

anticipation runs high,

among them whose self died…..

approaching death—

Jordan’s breadth—

crossing its swelling tide!

Only Christ in you

Growing, can see you through……

Spirit power

From Him don’t cower*

Holy Spirit works through you!

Jonathan Caswell

*The Holy Spirit is not a force (star wars) but a Person. One reference—among many—is: Romans 8: 16, 26-27, and the rest of the chapter!

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