Find Your Sweet Spot

Rachel Denison

We all have a need to be filled up. We need fuel to make it through almost any day this side of heaven. We can choose to fill ourselves up with a myriad of things! (Lord knows the world is an endless buffet of junk to take in.) Each of us are so different and unique, and we are all fulfilled by different things. Lately I’m learning the importance of finding my own watering hole and returning to it frequently to drink. What may work for or bless another immensely might not do it for me. And that’s okay.

I was recently reminded my watering hole is worship. There is just something about it. It will always be my sweet spot with the Lord. Not only is it what God made me for, it is simply the way I’m wired. There is nothing more refreshing to me than blaring an anointed worship song that speaks to my heart directly where I am and letting it all go. The way I experience the presence of God in worship is unlike any other spiritual discipline for me. I think back on most of the impactful and pivotal moments in my life with the Lord, and they are almost all in the setting of worship. It’s like my weaknesses all become exposed, and I can’t help but become vulnerable and honest before the Lord. My heart becomes soft, and I’m able to release my burdens, lies and fears. From that place I can let go and actually be filled up with truth, grace and peace for my journey that day.

And I truly believe this is different for every person! Your watering hole could be digging into Scripture, meditation, solitude, prayer, learning through listening to sermons, journaling, who knows! But I want to encourage you to figure out what it is… you probably already know. And go there today. Go there every day you can!

Find your sweet spot, the place you were made for, your watering hole, and return there often.

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Rachel Denison

Rachel writes to help others draw near to God in every season of life. She and her husband Craig live in Dallas with their two boys, and spend their days enjoying their kids, cooking, watching the Office, and leading worship together. Find more of her articles on Grit &, and

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