The Singing God – Dave’s Daily Devo – September 14


The Singing God

Zephaniah 3:16-17

You couldn’t miss it. A soprano was singing a gorgeous melody from her heart, wooing the audience to join her in her passion for the LORD, but those on the front row could hear the preacher behind her leaning forward in his seat, “How much longer is this music thing going to go on?”

In the church debate about the priority of the preaching or the singing, many in the old school believed that the music was just the warm up before the big event, the preaching. Is this God’s point of view?

Maybe before we Bible teachers start strutting our gift as taking center stage in the worship, we need to take a long look at the picture Zephaniah gives us of the LORD. He portrays a mighty warrior who has conquered all his people’s enemies. He has delivered his daughter, the city of Jerusalem, Zion, and now he holds his daughter in his arms. Check out how he quiets her fears.

“On that day it will be said to Jerusalem, O Zion, fear not. Don’t let your hands fall down in despair. The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty warrior who saves.

He rejoices over you with delight. He quiets you with his love.

He exults over you with loud singing.”

Instead of being deaf to the music and blind to what the Spirit of God was doing among Jesus’ people, the Bible teacher I told you about needed to live in the Scripture, not just explain its content. He needs to enter into this closing section of Zephaniah and realize that the godly thing to do when the soloist ended her song, would have been to stand and ask the singer to sing another chorus and then, with the congregation, join her in  exuberant song.

At our church some of the most intimate times of closeness with God for Mary and me is when Pastor Taylor suddenly interrupts his teaching and begins to sing. Here’s one preacher who knows God isn’t limited by using the oratory of the spoken word. He, Himself, loves to sing.

LORD, it means so much to me that you are a God who sings. Sing your quieting comforting protection into my life today. I can hardly wait to have you sing over us in heaven when Satan is destroyed in the Lake of Fire and all your enemies have been vanquished, and we can let the dancing and celebration begin. Encourage worship leaders by the reality that instead of ignoring their singing, you join right in. 

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