Renewing Your Fellowship with God [Part 11] – Abiding Above – September 16

Renewing Your Fellowship With God [Part 11]

September 16

When I began to realize that the Holy Spirit lived in me it changed every part of me. Yes, I was saved, but the Holy Spirit renewed my mind and this changed my personality. It changed how I viewed God and how I viewed other people, and I began to love other people in spite of myself.  I began to move towards people because I felt compelled to move toward others. Most people view God as up in heaven and they can’t quite communicate with Him and they do no know that as a believer that He lives in them. 

My friend, I want you to see the Holy Spirit as your victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil. You can’t fight the world, the flesh, and the devil by yourself; you have to have the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is at this very moment freeing you from the dominion of sin. All of us have an indwelling principle of sin that is within us and it is like a magnet pulling us down to do wrong things. We blame it on Satan, but the truth is it is our flesh. If we blame everything that happens wrong to us or every time we mess up on Satan, we will never take responsibility for our actions. My friend, our greatest enemy is me, myself, and I. It is the same thing we see in our children when they do not behave. You and I must be willing to give up our rights to ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to control our thoughts and our actions.

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