Turning Point – September 15-30

September 15-30

Freedom not to sin

And freed from sin, you became servants of justice. 
Romans 6:18

In  The Awakening of Grace  Charles Swindoll recounts the first time his father allowed him to drive the family car by himself. He thought of all the things he could do with his freedom: sprint, get out of town, brag to his friends; but he didn’t do any of that. Out of respect for his father’s trust, he drove safely and returned home before the scheduled time.

What would you do if you were granted unlimited freedom from consequences for your actions? And how often do you find yourself furious at someone who has taken away your freedom (freedom to peace and quiet, freedom to a parking space, freedom to spend money as you please)? It is easy, living in this country that prides itself on being “the land of the free,” to misunderstand the true meaning of spiritual freedom.

When we are born again by faith in Christ, we are empowered to be free from compulsions and destructive tendencies that can harm ourselves and others, and we are given new power to do what is best in life. . We are given the power to do the things that God created us to do, power to deny the demands of our old sin nature.

If there is a sin that you have trouble saying no to, ask God to give you a fresh look at what it means to be free.

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