Inexhaustible love, answers and fidelity – With Divine Design – The Week of September 23

With Divine Design

Unfailing love, answers and fidelity

From the Word of God: “ O Lord, your inexhaustible love fills the earth; teach me your decrees ”(Psalm 119: 64).

As you explore Psalm 119, it is obvious how many things this man came to understand about the character of God, and today I want to share a few with you. It will be an article rather to read the passages and meditate, with some questions. So grab a pen and paper, or open a document on your computer, and get ready to dig deep.

God’s love is inexhaustible. In the New Living Translation the term inexhaustible love appears six times in Psalms 119 and 121 times throughout the Bible. In Hebrew that phrase includes the meaning of love that does not change and also mercy. Have you experienced changing loves, someone who loved you yesterday and no longer loves you today? It is possible on a human level, but never with God. His love for you doesn’t run out or change, and it doesn’t depend on what you do or don’t do. God loves you just because, because it is in his nature to do so. If you find it difficult to accept it because of the many times human love has hurt or betrayed you, ask it to help you accept its inexhaustible love, to feel it in a real way. God wants to have that kind of relationship with you, he pursues you, draws you with cords of love. (Look up Psalms 13: 5; 89: 2; 119: 41; Jeremiah 31: 3, Hosea 11: 4; Romans 8: 31-39.)

God answers the prayer of his children. A favorite strategy of Satan is to make us think that God ignores our prayers, that they are not important to him and that we better find another way of solution. But it didn’t work with this psalmist. Look at what verse 26 says: “I told you my plans and you answered me” and in 151 it confirms it: “But you are near, oh Lord”. God doesn’t go on vacation or have an answering machine for us to leave messages until He can call us back. He responds, what happens is that the answer is not always yes and that is where we battle. And there is no ceiling or atmospheric phenomenon that can prevent him from listening to us, he is always close, even if it seems impossible to our finite mind. Do you feel that God is not listening to you? Read these passages and write them down on cards, carry them in your wallet, Use them as a reminder that God does listen and is near. Psalm 116: 1; 145: 18; Nahum 1: 7.

God is faithful. The author of Psalms 119 was convinced of the faithfulness of God and therefore asked him to fulfill his promises or remind him of them. In Psalm 119 (NLT), the word promise or promises appears 8 times and you promised appears 9, all of which refer to God. When infidelity has marked us in one way or another, accepting that God is faithful becomes difficult for us. The heart refuses to trust. That is why it is crucial that we memorize the Word, or as Psalm 119 itself says, that we treasure it, so that when difficult situations come, we remember that God is faithful and that what He has promised He will do, just as He believed. this ancient psalmist. Is it difficult for you to accept that God is faithful, always? Although he already knows it, tell him about it and ask him to heal your heart from past hurts so that today you can see his fidelity in your life. For something practical, keep a list of all the times that God’s faithfulness has manifested itself in your life. When you’re tempted to hesitate, go back to your list to serve as a reminder. Read Deuteronomy 7: 9; Malachi 3: 6; Isaiah 54:10; 1 Corinthians 1: 9; 2 Timothy 2:13.

With God it is the same as with human relationships. To really know him we have to cultivate the relationship. Do we want to experience these and other traits of his character? We cannot limit ourselves to a hurried reading of the Bible, nor to the Sunday sermon or what we hear on Christian radio. We have to learn from the psalmist: “Oh, how I love your teachings! I think about them all day long ”(v. 97). Could it be that this man did nothing else? Of course not! Only that he learned that the Word of God is not an aspect of his life but something that affects all spheres of his life.

That’s what it’s all about. Only then can we live life as God designed it.

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© 2016 Wendy Bello

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