Please read for me, A Sabbath Day

My dear

Why Look for a Sabbath-Keeping Church? - Life, Hope & Truth

Blogger Friends,

the CR leaders that I am a part of had a meeting last night about spiritual fatigue.

I realized that my work for the Lord as far as my Blog is concerned, does not give me a rest day so, I decided to take Saturdays off as my Sabbath.

Please keep following me and you can also check the Archive.

I realized that I am always tired even when I post.

I hope you all understand and suggest that others will think about that.

I love you all as my brothers and sisters Christian or not.

God bless you and sorry for been so late today. Another reason why I need the rest.



Child Of God.

6 thoughts on “Please read for me, A Sabbath Day

  1. I also keep Saturday as my Sabbath but I still do His work sometimes, just nothing physical! I get really lazy that day lol. For some reason, I have to refollow you guys every time I come over here and it’s not just you but many others! It’s weird!

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