Leaves of Life – September 27


  • George Cruikshank born 1792.
  • Samuel Francis Dupont born 1803.
  • Aimé Millet born 1819.
  • Henri Frédéric Arniel born 1821.

The man who has no refuge in himself, who lives, so to speak, in his front rooms, in the outer whirlwind of things and opinions, is not properly a personality at all; … he is one of a crowd.


Happy the heart that keeps its twilight hour,
And in the depths of heavenly peace reclined,
Loves to commune with thoughts of tender power—
Thoughts that ascend, like angels beautiful.

—Paul Hamilton Hayne.

The art of meditation may be exercised at all hours and in all places; and men of genius in their walks, at table, and amidst assemblies, turning the eye of the mind inward, can form an artificial solitude; retired amidst a crowd, calm amidst distractions, and wise amidst folly.


Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still.

—Psalm 4. 4.

Heavenly Father, save me from being so poor in spirit, that I will have to be sustained by the bright spirits of others. May I be continually refreshed by the spirit of life that may be found at all times. Amen. 

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