Daily Food – September 29

Putting anger aside

Make sure no one pays bad for bad; rather, always strive to do good, not just to each other but to everyone. 1 Thessalonians 5:15

The youngest of our readers probably won’t remember comedian and entertainer Gary Moore.

However, like many others in show business, Gary would occasionally receive a letter from an irate critic. If the letter was especially dire, Gary responded to it in a unique way.

He never responded in the same tone used by the critic in his original letter, nor did he ever threaten to sue. No. Gary just returned the letter with an attached note that said, “The attached letter arrived at my office a few days ago. I am sending it to you because, as a responsible citizen that I am, it is my duty to inform you that some idiot is sending letters using your signature ”.

Apparently only a few of the complaints were submitted a second time.

This leads me to think, “Would people think differently of the Savior if all followers of Jesus were equally courteous to criticism?”

Being nice to those who persecute us is not an easy thing to do. Being courteous, rather than vindictive, doesn’t give us the same satisfaction.

On the other hand, being kind to those who persecute Him was the way Jesus lived his life. It was also the way he acted when he was betrayed, tried, convicted and crucified. Jesus did not pay bad for bad. Not at all. He held his tongue during his trial, and even shared words of forgiveness from the cross.

As Saint Paul said: “Make sure that no one pays bad for bad; rather, always strive to do good, not only to each other but to everyone ”.

It is just another way that we let our light shine and glorify the Father who is in heaven… and we witness to our brothers and sisters here on earth.

PRAYER:  God the Father, there are many in the world who do not know how to hold their tongue. Give me your Holy Spirit so I can learn to control mine. May my words be a testimony of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness that his sacrifice has given me. In his name. Amen.

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