Vertical Connection – October 8


“Why do you look at the straw in your brother’s eye and not see the beam in yours?” (Lk 6, 37-42)

A young disciple had enjoyed the best years of his master’s wisdom, he truly admired him and considered his word as an indisputable law.

One day a disagreement arose, the old man reacted very badly, for which he was filled with anger. The young disciple watched him absorbedly and then in private he said:

-In all these years, you have taught me many things, but unfortunately today I do not see them in your way of acting.

How important it is that our life supports what we speak and teach. When there is no equivalence between the two, our message ends up lacking in content. Others will see that they are only words, that even we do not put into practice.

How different, when we see people, who may not speak so much or so cute, but we can easily identify a solid testimony that supports their words.

The Bible teaches us that we were created in the image and likeness of God, but we must be aware and realistic that this is a process that lasts a lifetime, Paul said that we must renew our minds day by day, that’s what it is! If we do not believe that by having certain years in the Gospel, or by having a leadership position, or because our sins do not seem so serious compared to others, that makes us immune to making mistakes. In no way, for something the Bible warns us: “He who is firm, watch not to fall! Corinthians 10:12

The secret is to understand others, simply as capable men and women but also susceptible to making mistakes. The point is that we can reflect and before judging and pointing, perhaps we should look at ourselves and take care of all the things that we ourselves must correct. “He who is free from sin, let him cast the first stone”

May we have a look of greater love and understanding for all those around us.

Nadia Sandez,

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