Wisdom from the Psalms 10/8

October 8Psalm 119:176I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek they servant; for I do not forget they commandments. The shepherd will go looking for a lost sheep, no matter where it might have wandered. Regardless of ravine, cavern, raging river, steep cliff, the shepherd will endeavor to save even the scrawniest, mangiest sheep. His devotion to his flock is total and absolute. God’s devotion to us is even greater. We can never be separated from the love and care of God. No matter how far we might stray from Him, He is continually on the lookout for us, and He will rescue us from whatever our peril might be. Rest sure and secure in the love of God. He will never give you up for lost. Prayer: Lord, I wander off sometimes, but I always want to be with You. Keep a watchful eye upon me, a foolish sheep. Herd me back to the fold, where I am always safe and warm. Amen.

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