October 9

When things seem impossible

JEREMIAH 32.17-22  

What is your first reaction when faced with a difficulty? Some people tire themselves looking for an answer or an escape. Others declare themselves defeated considering that the situation is a basket case. Fortunately, you as a Christian can immediately turn to the Lord for His guidance. So what you ask him in prayer is very important.

• Lord, what am I going to do? At first glance, this seems like the right question, but is it? The problem with this question is that even though we are seeking the Lord’s guidance, the focus is on our action. That means that the way we think to handle the situation is limited by our capabilities, resources, and appreciation. Too often, our minds will start to come up with possible plans, and we soon resort to manipulation and maneuvering trying to fix the problem.

• Lord, what are you going to do? This is the right question, because now attention has shifted to the omniscience and omnipotence of almighty God. He will bring us out of the confinement that imprisons us, and will clarify any situation that obfuscates us. God has the power to carry out His plans, which — unlike our solutions — are perfect, and which always glorify Him.

To pray properly, you must be willing to hand over all your plans to God. He not only knows what to do and how to achieve it, but he also has the power to blaze a path through any impossibility. You simply must trust Him and obey His instructions.

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