Turning Point – October 1-14

 October 1-14 

Asking for Directions

He who listens to the word prospers. 
Blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD! 
Proverbs 16:20, niv

An old sailor was repeatedly lost at sea, so his friends gave him a compass and urged him to use it. The next time he went out in his boat, he followed their advice and took the compass with him, but still lost.

Finally his friends rescued him. Disgusted and impatient with him they asked him: “Why didn’t you use the compass we gave you? You could have saved us a lot of trouble! ” The sailor replied, “I couldn’t do it! I wanted to go north, but as much as I tried to make the needle point north, the needle kept pointing southeast. ” The old sailor was so sure that he knew where north was that he stubbornly tried to impose his own personal persuasion on the compass. As he was unable to do so, he put the compass aside as useless and failed to take advantage of the guidance the compass offered him.

God’s Word is your compass. Use it daily to check your direction, to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. Stubbornness or hustle may throw you off course, but God’s Word is there waiting for you to return to it. Don’t be afraid to ask God for directions.

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