Encounter with Jesus – 10/11 October

October 10/11

Lessons about impossibilities

JOHN 6.1-14

The Bible is a treasure for many reasons, and one of them is that it is very practical. Its accounts and precepts are as applicable today as they were in the time of Jesus. We have all experienced times when our problems seem unsolvable, and we don’t know what to do. When that happens, we need to remember that impossible situations are opportunities for the Lord to teach us valuable lessons that we would never learn otherwise.

God’s supremacy is superior to human resources . When Jesus asked. “Where will we buy bread for them to eat?” (v. 5), Philip immediately recognized his own inadequacy. Although Christ knew all along what he was going to do, he was teaching his disciples that the perfect plan and the power to implement it comes from God alone, not from solutions and human resources.

The Lord often demands our participation . Although Christ may have created food with his word alone, he chose to use people to accomplish his purpose. Andrew went looking for food, a boy gave him his little lunch, and the disciples organized the crowd and distributed the food that Jesus passed to them. Each step required trust and obedience, especially since Christ’s method seemed so illogical.

God knows how to solve our problems, but He can choose to demand your cooperation, even asking you to do something that seems unreasonable. Every time we take a step of obedience, the Lord does great things in us and through us.

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We reach the world with the good news of Jesus Christ through the teaching of Dr. Charles Stanley. Our radio and television programs, podcasts, and our magazine introduce the world to the transforming gospel of Christ.

About Dr. Charles F. Stanley

The Dr. Charles F. Stanley , pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta and founder of Ministries In Touch , demonstrates a keen understanding of the needs of people, to give them the truths practices to their daily lives. With a ministry based on the apostle Paul’s message to the Ephesians, Dr. Stanley believes that:

“… Life would be worthless if it were not used to joyfully complete the task that the Lord Jesus gave me: to proclaim good news about God’s immense love “ (Acts 20:24, The Daily Bible).

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