Thyatira: Power But a Jezebel Threat – Revelation 3:19-29

“Dave, the first time I was immoral nothing happened. It was a great experience. I didn’t get struck with a bolt of lightning. I looked at my heart and it was still ticking away.” This friend thought they were escaping the consequences of breaking the 7th commandment, but the fact that Jesus didn’t immediately strike them dead was not a sign that adultery was not so bad, but that Jesus was gracious. There was still time to repent and turn away from sexual immorality before becoming totally enslaved by the seduction and then experiencing the deadly wage that will result. Husband, are you having an affair in a distant city that your wife doesn’t even know about? On those business trips are you making contact, living that dual life? Do you think that there won’t be destructive consequences? The reason your heart is still ticking is because Jesus is gracious. He’s giving you time to repent and ask his forgiveness. Don’t take that time lightly. He is not giving you time to continue in sin. He’s giving you time to turn away from the behavior that will destroy. Allow him to help you live in the true love that only his Spirit can generate in your life.

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