Treasures of the Word – October 11

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October 11


“Be strong, all you who hope in the Lord, and your hearts take heart” (Psalm 31:24).


The world wants to know what to do about world problems. What about overcrowded prisons? Poverty? Violations? Murders? Do you know why we will never fix the problems? Because we don’t see the problem. Sociologists say it is just a cultural delay. Psychologists call it an emotional disturbance. Philosophers call them irrational behavior. The communists call it the human struggle of the classes. Humanists call it human weakness. Criminologists call it anti-human behavior. The Bible calls it sin. And the only answer to sin is Jesus, who executes God’s will, expresses God’s love, and exposes God’s mind.


What do you think it means that Jesus is the executor of God’s will? How does He express God’s love? Can you give an example from the Word where Jesus exposed the mind of God?

This devotional comes from the messages of Dr. Adrián Rogers of the Ministry THE LOVE THAT IS WORTH

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