Daily Food – October 12

Strength to resist

Resist it, standing firm in the faith, knowing that your brothers around the world are enduring the same kind of suffering. – 1 Peter 5: 9

During the fall of 2008, three hurricanes passed through Cuba. Entire cities were destroyed by wind and rain. Many trees fell on the roads but, surprisingly, many palm trees remained standing with virtually no damage.

The strength of these palm trees in the face of storms is similar to the Christian’s struggle against the devil and sin.

In this life there are storms that can shake our world, and temptations that can turn us away from the faith. Jesus knows. He suffered these temptations himself, but resisted them by relying on God’s Word as his ultimate defense.

That is a perfect model for our daily resistance against the temptations of the devil. Like the storms that hit the earth, the devil is always trying to destroy us. But, if we are firmly rooted in the Word of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit we can resist.

James’s letter says it very well: “So submit to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you ”(James 4: 7).

Let us allow the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts and minds, giving us the strength we need to face the storms of life.

PRAYER:  Lord God, thank you for your Word. Help us to be hearers and doers of it. Guide us to always remain firm in faith, strengthening us with your Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Author Bio: This devotion is based on a text sent by Yamilka Hernández Guzmán, a volunteer with Christ for All Nations in Cuba.

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