Encounter with Jesus – October 12

October 12

God’s activity


The traces of the Lord can be detected throughout history. Sometimes its activity is dramatically evident, as when it parted the waters of the Red Sea, but at other times it is imperceptible to us. However, there are blessings for those who develop the spiritual discernment to see what God is doing.

Preconceived ideas about how the Lord works can prevent us from perceiving his work. When He answers our prayers, we rejoice and easily acknowledge His intervention on our behalf. But what happens when it doesn’t give us what we ask for? Too often we come to the conclusion that He is doing nothing. The psalmist recognized that the Lord works in various ways, sometimes giving great deliverance (vv. 5, 6) and sometimes through painful situations (vv. 10–12).

Another problem that can prevent us from seeing the hand of God in our lives is lack of attention. The demands of a hectic lifestyle cry out for our time and focus, leaving little room for quiet moments in their presence. Without periods of meditation and prayer, our spiritual senses become dull. But those who read the Bible regularly will learn to recognize God’s activity in their lives, because He always acts according to His Word.

Eyes focused on the Lord are opened to a new perspective. Your faith will grow as you begin to discern God’s activity in your life. The joy and excitement of seeing him participate in things big and small will motivate you to praise and thank him, even in difficult times.

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