Vertical Connection – October 13

Now you!

Two little brothers of five and ten years old, from a poor neighborhood, dirty, ragged and very hungry, went around the city asking for some food from the houses. The responses of those who opened the door of their houses were: “Go to work and do not disturb”, “There is nothing here, beggars!” However, a very attentive lady told them: “I’m going to see if I have something for you … poor things!” And she returned with a can of milk.

Both children sat on the sidewalk very happy; the youngest said to the ten-year-old: “you’re the oldest, so take first.” And she looked at him with her white teeth, her mouth half open, licking her lips. If they saw the older one looking askance at the little one! He put the can in his mouth and only pretended to drink, but pressed his lips tightly so that not a single drop of milk got into his mouth. Then, handing him the can, he said to his little brother: “Now it’s your turn … just a little bit!”
And the little brother, taking a drink, exclaimed: “It’s tasty!” … “Now I”, said the older, and again, taking the can to his mouth, he pretended that he was drinking, but did not take anything.

“Now you”, “Now me”, “Now you”, “Now me” and after four or five drinks, the little one had taken all the milk… by himself!

The older one began to sing and play soccer with the empty milk can. She was beaming, on an empty stomach, but with a heart full of joy. He jumped with the ease of someone who does nothing extraordinary. Or better yet, with the ease of someone who is used to doing extraordinary things without giving it the greatest importance.

How many smiles we would have if we were a little more like that child! and really live what Romans 12:10 says “Love one another with brotherly love; as for honor, preferring each other. “

God commands us to love our neighbor as he loves us; look around you, maybe you don’t have much to give, but you do have the most important thing to share, this is God’s love and the word of hope that many long for, give that food to those who need it.

Speak, listen, share, embrace those who need it, look and act with love to contribute to the happiness of your neighbor.

“A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.” Proverbs17: 17.

Telma Céspedes

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