Daily Food – October 14

In the presence of the lord

This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. Matthew 15: 8

Not long ago a pastor shared with me an event that occurred one night in a church meeting.

Although he doesn’t remember exactly what the meeting was about, he does remember what happened that night. The pastor had brought his son to church so that, while he was meeting with the congregation leaders, the little boy would play in the school playground.

And so it was … only that the meeting took longer than they expected, so in a moment the door where they were meeting slowly opened, and a little head poked out. The pastor excused himself, approached the boy, and asked him: “What do you want, son?” “Nothing daddy,” his son replied. But then he added, “I just wanted to be close to you.”

As it was getting dark, the father brought his son with him to the meeting. Looking around the table, he realized that the others did not approve of his decision, because they knew that the boy was quite restless.

But that night, the pastor’s son stayed still, sitting quietly enjoying that special time he shared with his dad. Against all odds, the boy did what he said he wanted to do: be with his dad.

It is sad to see how many men, women, and children are struggling to get away from their heavenly Father. There are even Christians whose greatest pleasure seems to be living on their own, forgetting the God they serve. As the text for today says: “… his heart is far from the Lord”.

How much better for all of us to draw close to the Lord… in prayer… with devotionals… in Bible study… in personal reflection. Much better is to say, “Daddy, I just wanted to be near you.”

Let us draw close to our heavenly Father and enjoy his presence.

PRAYER:  Eternal Father, thanks to Jesus I can get close to you and enjoy your presence. I ask that you also bring closer to you those who are wandering lost through life. Help them to know the joy of forgiveness of sins and the comfort that only You can give. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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