Daily in Your Presence – Oct. 14

Day 288


“Do not be afraid.

I am the First and the Last.”

Revelation 1:17

My child, have you been with Me so long and still wonder about My character? My power and holiness frighten you at times, but you need not fear. I love your reverential awe of Me, which tells Me you recognize weakness and powerlessness in yourself apart from Me. I am the First and the Last. No one came before Me, and no one will come after Me. What I say goes. I have always longed for everyone to become My child. But only a few hear and respond. I’m glad you did.

Who can understand Your beginning or ending? You are not a figment of someone’s imagination. You are not the result of a big-bang explosion. You are the First and the Last; You’ve always existed—from the beginning. Though I don’t understand, I honor You, Lord, and bow at Your feet in wonder.


The hands of God work mysteriously, but always with skill and love.

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