Vertical Connection – October 14

What material are you made of? How many things God did for us, even when we did not deserve it, and still today, after having known him for a while, he still does it, when he blesses us, cares for us, protects, defends, forgives, and much more. This awakens in us an indescribable gratitude, which motivates us to want to do something to be able to reciprocate in that love. “But in a large house, there are not only utensils of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay; and some are for honorable uses, and others for vile uses. ” – 2 Timothy 2:20 Unfortunately, not all serve as He would like. If you think about your home, you can remember that many of your things are mostly made of a common material, such as wood or plastic, and you do not use those instruments in the same way as those made of gold, because they have a value different, it represents something more important and also cannot be easily replaced by another made of ordinary material. “So if anyone cleanses himself from these things, he will be an instrument of honor, sanctified, useful to the Lord, and ready for every good work.” – 2 Timothy 2:21 When a couple marries, each spouse is given a gold ring, because this material always represents purity and quality. In the same way God asks this of us, that we be pure instruments, separated from all filth, that we walk in holiness, so that in this way we are not just any instrument within the house of the Lord, but rather instruments of honor.
 If you are serving the Lord, the question is: In what way do you serve Him? We are called to be instruments of gold, whom the Lord can use in his house in such a way that no one can replace him, no matter in what ministry, place or position you render your service, in everything you do seek purity and quality, to be that valuable instrument, which is appreciated more than twice.
 Today I want to encourage you to remember all that God did for you. He first loved us and looked for us despite the fact that many times we turned our backs on him, he was present at the moment we needed him most, although we have looked for him as the last alternative, remember that he himself decided to be a son of man so that you You can be a child of God, decide to serve the Lord as He deserves.
 Never forget what God has done for you and in this way you will always decide to be that valuable instrument for him!
Don’t be part of the bunch, make a difference! Shirley chambi

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