Daily Food – October 16

The Father is attentive

Blessed are those who trust in the God of Jacob, who count on the help of the Lord God! – Psalm 146: 5

The world’s population continues to grow. However, we are increasingly living in isolation. In big cities, few people already know their neighbors. We go in and out as if we were the only people on the block or in the building. Our co-workers and schoolmates are nothing but strangers.

That is why, when problems, doubts and suffering arise, we feel a lack of a friendly word, of someone who can extend a hand to us. And how sorry we are for the lack of someone with whom we can chat or even vent. Let us remember that our heavenly Father is always attentive and never abandons us. Thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus, we are children of God. As such, he wants us to seek him out and promises to always listen to us and help us.

PRAYER:  Lord, many times we feel weak and discouraged in the midst of the problems of this life. Teach us to trust only you. Help us, for the love of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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